Do not sell my personal information

Please be advised that Caramel does not and has not sold any personal information for money in the last 12 (twelve) months.We do share some information with third parties necessary to provide our services to you. Examples of third parties we may share your personal information are lenders, credit bureaus, and insurance companies. The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2020 treats some of these exchanges as “sales.” We never share any personal information like social security numbers or passwords with such third-party marketers. See the Caramel’s Privacy Policy at Likewise, Caramel does not have any future plans to sell personal information. However, Caramel respects and understands that you may still want to ensure your personal information is not sold. Therefore, if you would still like to proceed with your “Do Not Sell My Information” request, we ask that you kindly provide the following information. (Only one person per request)

NOTE: Once your information is removed from our database, you will be unable to continue using our product to complete any transaction(s) in process and will be required to begin a new process which will require you to upload your personal information again.

I declare under penalty of perjury under United States law that I am the individual whose name and identifying information has been provided in this request form and that all the information provided is true, correct, and complete.
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