How To Negotiate Used Car Prices With a Private Seller

December 5, 2022

How To Negotiate Used Car Prices With a Private Seller

by Kimberly Smith

In today’s used car market, finding a good deal requires you to know how to negotiate the right price from the seller. For many people, the process can be nerve-wracking: you have to search through the market, do a pre-purchase inspection, determine sales tax and financing options, and seek a fair price.

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Can You Sell a Car Privately With a Loan?

by Jared Klein

Selling a car is no easy feat. Selling a car privately with an outstanding loan is even more difficult, as you must work with both your lender and your potential buyer simultaneously. Such a situation can be perplexing and overwhelming, and you may ask: Can you privately sell a car with a loan? Fortunately, you can! Check out this information addressing how to sell a car with a loan.

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How To Get a Car Loan for a Private Party Sale

by Casey Lopez

Are you in the market for a used car but don't want to go through a dealership? Then, a private party sale might be the right option for you. Buying a car from a private party can save you money, and it's easier than you think. However, if you can’t cover the full cost of the car, you’ll need to source your own loan for a private party car sale.

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How to Safely Buy a Car on Craigslist

by Sam Gomez

Craigslist has cemented its place as one of the biggest online marketplaces for posting local classified advertisements for just about any item you can think of, including cars. But the convenience of online shopping comes with the possibility of fraud, which begs the question of how to safely buy a car on Craigslist.

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How To Check Vehicle History Before Buying a Car From a Private Party

by Kimberley Smith

When buying a used car, it’s critical to learn its history before committing. While many sellers are honest about the condition and history of the car, even sellers may not know its whole history. You can easily verify what you’re told by conducting a vehicle history report. The following tips will instruct you on how to check your prospective vehicle's history, and what kinds of things you should look for in the report.

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