Enjoy a secure and easy way to complete your sale. With Verified Checkout, we confirm your counterparty’s identity, automate your paperwork, handle title transfer and registration, and securely transfer funds from buyer to seller. We also provide buyers the option to add financing, delivery, mechanical breakdown protection, and insurance with a tap or click.

Guaranteed Payments
Money is held securely and dispersed to the seller directly.
Don’t Deal with the DMV
We handle all title work and release of liability for you.
Digital Documents
We automate the right paperwork for buyers and sellers.
Fraud Verification
The buyer's and seller's identities are verified, so everyone is protected.
Access competitive financing options for all vehicle types.
Insurance & Protection
See insurance and mechanical breakdown quotes for classics to exotics.

How it works

Buying with Caramel

Starting the Caramel checkout process is as simple as confirming basic information about your vehicle and seller.


Safety is everything to us. That’s why we require every buyer and seller verify their identity. All you need is your Driver's License & the ability to take a selfie.


With a few questions, you can get approved for a loan from a top lender. If you don’t want financing, you can skip this step & pay with funds from your bank.


Our vehicle service contract, which is like an extended warranty, is optional. Many buyers get one since it can cover expensive repairs and breakdowns.


You can get insurance from a top carrier through Caramel, use existing insurance, or buy insurance directly.


Choose whether you’d like to pick up your vehicle directly from the seller or have it delivered to you.


Securely link your bank account to pay the amount due at signature. You will be able to review this amount before linking your bank.


Sign all of your required documents. This step ensures that we can properly register your vehicle and transfer the title to you.

Selling with Caramel

Starting the Caramel checkout process is as simple as confirming basic information about your vehicle & buyer from your Bring a Trailer auction.


Securely link your bank account to get paid. If the vehicle you are selling is less than $75,000, within a business day of receipt of the title, we will disburse your full payment. If the vehicle is picked up before we receive the title or the sale price is more than $75,000, we send you the first half of your payment when the vehicle is picked up. Within a business day of receipt of the title, we pay you the remaining funds.


Sign all of your required documents. These documents ensure that we can properly transfer the title to your buyer.


Does Caramel charge a fee?

At this time, Caramel has waived its fees for users who complete Bring a Trailer Verified Checkout.

Can I cancel a sale anytime?

You can click the Cancel button underneath any transaction in your Dashboard until the car is delivered by the seller to the buyer or transport company.

If a seller cancels a sale after the buyer has signed their paperwork, a $250 fee applies. At this point, the buyer may have gone through hard credit inquiries and paid for insurance. So we discourage cancellations this late in a sale. If you choose to cancel Bring a Trailer Verified Checkout you will still be required to complete the transaction for the vehicle by arranging payment details with the other party

How does identity verification work?

Caramel verifies the identity of every buyer during checkout and of every seller before checkout even begins. If you're a buyer, all you need is your Driver's License and the ability to take a selfie with the camera on your smartphone. Following identity verification, you will be asked a few additional questions, like if you are a member of the military community. These questions ensure we are able to properly register your vehicle with applicable discounts.

What if I don’t pass the identity verification step?

If you don’t pass the identity verification step, you will not be able to move forward and your transaction will be canceled. You will be able to view why your identity was not verified.

Do I need a U.S. phone number?

Yes, a U.S. based phone number is required to checkout with Caramel.

Do I need a U.S. driver’s license?

Yes, a non-expired U.S. government issued driver’s license is needed in order to checkout with Caramel.

How does financing work?

During Verified Checkout, you have the opportunity to complete a financing application. Any of our partner lenders that may offer a competitive financing option for you and your vehicle will review your application, although only one inquiry will result on any given credit bureau. Our lenders offer financing options for vehicles of any price, year and model, as well as any credit tier. For older model year vehicles or higher mileage vehicles, rates and down payment requirements will be more notably impacted by impaired credit. We cannot guarantee financing in all cases, but we will have financing options for the far majority of buyers and competitive rates for customers with strong credit.

Is financing required?

No. Financing is completely optional. If you don’t want financing and would prefer to pay for your vehicle in full with funds from your bank, you can simply tap or click “Skip Financing.”

What information do I have to enter to view my loan estimator?

All you need to enter is your preferred down payment amount, preferred loan term, & estimated credit score. You will then be able to view your estimated monthly payment (excluding taxes, fees, & add-ons), down payment, & APR.

How do I select the down payment or term I want?

The down payment and loan term you enter into the screen with our loan estimator is used for your loan application too.  We try our best to match your preferences and return the closest loan approved by our lending partners.

Can I submit my lending application and then choose to skip financing?

Yes. You are not locked into financing by submitting a lending application. You can skip financing at any time.

Will submitting a lending application result in a hard credit check or impact my credit?

Yes. You will be able to see estimates before you choose to proceed and a hard credit check will only occur if you click ‘I AGREE' on the lending application page. This is required and run by our lending partners.

Who is my lender?

Caramel partners with large national banks, and we’ll show you exactly who will provide your loan on the approval screen.

How are my financing terms determined?

Caramel’s lending partners independently review your application and approve you based on their own criteria.  Factors like credit history, income and others can all play a role.

Are taxes and fees financed by my lender or do I pay them upfront?

Yes, they are financed. The payment amount shown on your initial approval will exclude taxes as fees, as they are not yet calculated.  But you’ll see your final all-in payment on your Price Breakdown before you setup payment.

What if I don’t have great credit?

Some of our lenders provide options to customers with past credit issues, but we can’t guarantee a loan to every buyer.

How do I make payments and manage my loan after I get my car?

After you buy your car, your lender will send a welcome letter with all of the info you need to setup autopay, make payments and review account information.  You can also click on the Previous Transactions section of your Dashboard to find your lender’s contact information right away.

Can I pay off my loan early?

There is no penalty for early payments.

How quickly can I reapply for financing if I've been turned down?

While you cannot reapply for the same transaction, there are no restrictions to reapplying under a new transaction.  However, we suggest waiting 30 days so any changes in your profile that may impact your approval with one of our lenders has time to process.

What is protection?

Protection refers to our vehicle service contract, Caramel Care, which is like an extended warranty and protects your vehicle against costly mechanical repairs or unforeseen circumstances. Caramel Care covers various mechanical components and often includes roadside assistance and towing.

Exact coverage varies by vehicle, and you can click on the More Details link in your Caramel Care page to view all of the items covered.

Is protection required?

No. Vehicle Protection is completely optional. Simply tap or click “Skip Protection.”

Is Caramel Care cancelable?

You can cancel anytime and receive a refund for the unused portion of your plan.  Simply go to your vehicle in the Previous Transactions section of your Dashboard, click Caramel Care, and dial the contact number provided to cancel your policy.

What if my car still has any of its manufacturer’s warranty remaining?

Your car’s manufacturer’s warranty is good until expired.  Caramel Care will pick up where it leaves off and may cover repairs excluded from your manufacturer.

I bought Caramel Care. Who do I contact for questions or claims?

Caramel Care is provided by partners of ours who specialize in vehicle protection products.  Go to the Previous Transactions section of your Dashboard to find your vehicle and click Caramel Care.  There you’ll find your provider’s details and contact information to ask questions and make claims.

How does financing work with Protection products?

If you finance your car, you can usually finance Protection as part of your monthly payment.  We’ll automatically give you this option when available.  If not, we still give you an option to finance Protection products through a separate lending partner. In this case, you’ll be set up on autopay and receive a welcome letter after your purchase with a link to access account information and make changes.

Does Caramel offer anything outside of a vehicle services contract?

We do not at this time.

Is insurance required?

Buying insurance through Caramel is completely optional. Simply tap or click “Skip Insurance”. However, having insurance for your vehicle is required. You will need insurance coverage before you sign your documents in the Signature step. If you skip this step, you can use your existing insurance or buy insurance directly.

How do I get my insurance ID card?

After completing the Insurance step, you will be emailed a copy of your policy details including your insurance ID card.

Does Caramel provide insurance themselves or through separate carriers?

Caramel connects you to over 100 carriers varying dramatically in size and specialty and displays the best quote for you across three common coverage levels. Once you select one and proceed, you have the option to customize coverage to your exact specifications and view other quotes.

Can I add other cars and people to my policy?

You can.  When you dial the number on the insurance screen, the agent you speak with will share updated quotes with any desired adjustments, including added cars and other household members.

What if none of the coverage levels or deductible amount is right for me?

You can adjust your coverage as soon as you dial the number on the insurance screen.  You’ll have the ability to adjust your deductible and liability limits.  You can also add cars and other household members.  Once set, you'll receive an updated your quote from the selected carrier.

What does “Property Damage Liability Coverage” mean?

Property damage liability pays for property damage you cause someone else up to the policy limits purchased. This coverage is mandated by law in some states and is typically required by lenders or leasing companies.

What does “Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) Coverage” mean?

PIP insurance, also known as “no-fault” insurance, is required in certain states. It pays medical expenses, and in some cases lost wages and other damages regardless of who is at fault in an accident.

What does “Physical Damage Coverage” mean?

Physical Damage Coverage (sometimes referred to as “Comprehensive & Collision” coverage) pays the cost of repairs or replacement of your car, minus your deductible.  Collision covers damage to your car from an accident with another car or a physical object, such as a highway median or curb.  Comprehensive covers damage to your car from events other than a collision, such as theft, fire, hail, or vandalism. This coverage is typically required by lenders or leasing companies.

What does “Liability Coverage” mean?

Liability Coverage is for accidents that are your fault and is mandated coverage by law in most all states if you own and operate a vehicle on the highways. Bodily injury liability pays for bodily injury you cause someone else up to the policy limits purchased.  Liability coverage does not pay for injuries to you or the people in your family. You can buy medical payments coverage for you and your family.Liability coverage does not pay for repairs or replacement of your car whether you are at fault or not. To cover repair and replacement of your own car, you will need collision coverage for accident-related damage and comprehensive coverage for non-accident incidents, such as theft, vandalism, hitting an animal or storm damage.

What if I have a question about my insurance policy?

After completing the Insurance step, you will be emailed a copy of your policy details including your insurance ID card containing your insurance company contact information.

What payment methods does Caramel accept for buyers?

Caramel accepts three payment methods:

On all transactions, we allow buyers to pay via ACH.  To do so, there's an option to simply link your bank account to Caramel, and we initiate the ACH pull once you sign your documents.  It can take up to 3 business days for an ACH payment to clear.

Also on all transactions, buyers can pay via wire transfer.  This is a great option if you are looking to pick up your car or have your car transported more quickly, as wires can clear as fast as same day or on the next business day.  Please note that if the transaction price is $40,000 or greater, you will be required to make payment via Wire transfer.

Finally, on most transactions with a payment up to $25,000, we allow customers to make an Instant Payment.  For this payment method, you'll link your bank account similar to ACH, and we'll initiate the payment as soon as you sign your documents.  However, your payment will clear right away 24/7 so you or a transporter can get your car right away.  Instant Payments cost .5% of the payment amount.

What is Plaid and how does it work?

Plaid is a secure and credible service we partner to make and receive payments electronically with you. Caramel has no access to your bank account when you use Plaid. Plaid will guide you to use your bank login information to get connected. If you have trouble, you’ll enter your account and routing numbers, and Plaid sends you small deposits to verify and connect your account. Once you confirm the amounts, they’re reversed and you’re set.

Will I be charged when I link my bank account?

No. You will not be charged & funds will not be withdrawn until you sign your documents in the Signature step.

How do I know the exact amount that I will be charged?

In your Price Breakdown, the total due at signing is the exact amount that you will be charged. This will include the full purchase price of the car and any other selections if you pay in cash. If you finance the car or Caramel Care, it will include the down payment for those items.

When does my payment need to be initiated in order for me to be cleared the same day?

Your “Same Day ACH” must be submitted and approved before 12:00 PM PT on a business day in order to be sent with a same day effective date.  Otherwise it will be sent the following business day.

Can I pay in person?

You cannot. We partner with Plaid to offer a convenient same-day bank withdrawal for all buyers. We then release funds to sellers at exactly the right moment for the protection of buyers and sellers. This is more secure than any in-person payment.

What DMV, title and registration fees am I being charged?

Caramel passes through DMV fees to you at no mark-up. These are the fees you pay to transfer your title and register your car whether or not you use Caramel.

Will I be refunded if my seller or I cancel?

As long as your transaction is canceled before your car is picked up by you or your transporter, you’ll receive a full refund, which can take 7-10 business days depending on your bank’s processing time.  After the car is picked up, the sale is no longer cancellable.

Once I link my bank account, when will I be paid?

Upon delivery of your vehicle or title, we send you the first half of your payment. As soon as you deliver the remaining item, we pay you the remaining funds. If within banking hours and early enough in the day, funds will arrive the same day. Otherwise, they’ll arrive the next business day. If your buyer picks up their car directly, make sure they click the button in their Dashboard to confirm pick-up before they drive off to ensure you’re paid promptly.

How will I be paid?

In the Payment step, we connect to your preferred bank account with our partner, Plaid, which allows us to authenticate your account and pay you quickly and securely. If you use Caramel, we do not allow in-person payment for the protection of our buyers and sellers.

How do I know the exact amount that I will be paid?

In your Price Breakdown, the amount listed under “You’ll be Paid” is the exact amount that you will be paid.

As a seller, am I charged anything if I cancel?

You are only charged a fee, which is $250, if you cancel after your buyer has signed their documents. At this point, the buyer may have gone through hard credit inquiries and paid for insurance. So we discourage cancellations this late in a sale.

If I have an extended warranty or service contract on my car, will I get a refund?

You should be able to receive a refund, though you’ll get it from the company that sold your vehicle protection product.  Contact them directly to cancel once you complete your sale.

I have a loan or lease on my car. Will you take care of it?

No problem. We pay off your loan or lease for you and automatically pay you the difference between your sale price and the payoff amount. Once Caramel submits a seller's loan payoff, it takes on average 5 to 10 business days for the lender to reflect the payoff. During the checkout process, we’ll check for loans and leases, and we’ll confirm your lender or lessor and payoff amount. If you owe more than the price of your car minus any fees, we’ll charge you the difference and pay the full amount owed to your lender.   If you owe more than your sale price minus fees, we’re unable to provide financing or payment plans for this amount.

Why did my pay-off amount change?

Sometimes we can automatically retrieve the amount you need to pay your existing lender or lessor, and we show you this amount during checkout.  However, we always double check this information by contacting your lender or lessor directly.  If we verify a different amount, we’ll update this number to correct it so your title can be free and clear.

After signing, where will I access these documents?

You will receive an email with all of the documents you signed. You will also be able to access them anytime in the Previous Transactions section of your Dashboard.

How do I notarize documents needed to register my car in my state?

If any of your registration documents need to be notarized, we automatically link you to notarize.com during the Signature step.  You’ll be connected with an online notary, sign and notarize the forms, and then be linked back to Caramel to complete checkout. We do not mark up this service, which is $25.

What happens if I fill out a form incorrectly?

You can chat with our support team, and we’ll resend the form to you directly through Docusign.

What documents am I required to sign?

Buyers: We automatically populate all required documents to complete your purchase and allow Caramel to properly transfer the title to you and register you in your state.  There are other documents that only certain buyers sign as they are based on optional selections made during checkout. When you sign documents with Caramel, you are in fact buying the car from us.  We operate as a licensed dealer to complete the sale, title transfer and registration.

Sellers: We automatically populate all required documents to complete your sale and allow Caramel to properly transfer the title to the buyer.  When you sign documents with Caramel, you are in fact selling us your car.  We then operate as a licensed dealer to complete the sale, title transfer and registration for your buyer.

Why do I need to give Caramel the “Power of Attorney” to sign for me?

Caramel needs to complete the 'Buyers' title reassignment section on the back of your seller’s vehicle title and other potential DMV forms in order to transfer title and register you. To sign on your behalf, we need to have this document signed. Once we’ve completed all signatures, this power of attorney will be submitted to the DMV within the registration and title package.

Title & Registration
I paid cash for my vehicle. When will I receive my title?

Depending on your state, this typically takes anywhere from 45-60 business days from the time they receive the title and complete registration package.  All major holidays should be considered. Your title will be sent from the DMV to the address you provided Caramel.

What if my title is not in my name?

We will need the title to be transferred to your name, proving to the DMV you are the current owner of the vehicle. This will prevent any delays in paperwork and processing times with the DMV.  In some cases, we are able to send DMV forms directly to the title owner so that you can avoid transferring title.

What if I don't have my title?

If you do not have a lien on your title, you will need to apply for a duplicate title through your state DMV. This title will be needed to show proof of ownership during your checkout process and will also need to be physically sent to Caramel prior to payment.

Why do I have to send Caramel my title before being paid?

This is so that we can successfully register and transfer title to your buyer. If the car has already been picked up when we receive the title, you will be paid the remaining half of the sale price within a business day of receipt. We hold the buyer’s funds in escrow until the title is received and the car picked up for everyone’s security, and we are legally obligated to release funds upon those two events.

Why did the DMV send me a notice to renew my registration or that my registration lapsed after I sold my car through Caramel?

In some cases you need to notify your DMV that you’ve sold your car, which you can often do on their website.  If your DMV asks you for an address for Caramel, you can use: Caramel Dealer Services, LLC: 2829 Great Northern Loop, Suite 214, Missoula, MT 59808.

I received my temporary registration, now what?

Based on your state's guidelines, we’ve sent you the appropriate number of temporary registration tags to affix to the front and/or back of your vehicle. If you’ve received only one, then your state only requires you to place it on the back of your vehicle. If you’ve received two, then your state requires you to place them on the front and back of your vehicle. Typically, these are placed in the same place as your license plate. If you have a plastic sleeve to place these in we’d recommend using it. Although this is not mandatory, this will help protect your tags until your permanent registration and license plates are received. You can print the temporary registration out on standard paper.

I received temporary registration for another state, why?

Caramel is a licensed dealer in this state, and the temporary registration enables you to legally operate your vehicle in your state. At the same time, we work with your state’s DMV to get your permanent plates and registration issued ASAP in your home state.

When does my temporary registration expire?

Your temporary registration is valid for 40 days.

My temporary registration is expiring soon, what now?

If your temporary registration is set to expire in less than 5 days please contact Caramel so that we can send you an additional one.

How does in-state and out-of-state registration work, and is Caramel handling it?

Caramel will handle all of the registration and title paperwork processing on behalf of you and your lender, if applicable. This includes out-of-state transactions. Most, if not all, DMV forms are signed by you during your checkout process. We also collect the appropriate DMV fees at this time. These DMV forms, fees and your seller’s title are all submitted to the DMV in order to complete your registration, issue your license plates and your vehicle title.  If for some reason Caramel needs additional information, forms and/or fees, a Caramel Title & Registration Specialist will be in contact with you.

Can I register my vehicle myself?

Yes, if this is something you prefer to handle on your own, we can accommodate. However, Caramel will need to transfer the seller’s title into your name and list the appropriate lienholder, if applicable, before doing this. This will take several weeks depending on your state. Once this occurs, the title will be sent to you, or your lender, from your state DMV’s office. Once the title is received, you can complete the registration process yourself.

When will I receive my registration and license plates?

Depending on your state, this typically takes 45-60 business days from the time they receive a complete registration package.  All major holidays should be considered. Your registration and license plates will be sent from the DMV to the address you provided Caramel.

Will Caramel notify me when my registration has been sent to me?

As soon as we’re made aware that your registration and license plates have been issued, we send you a notification with an estimated time of arrival.

I received my registration and license plates. Now what?

This is great news! Depending on your state, you’ll receive 1 or 2 license plates, registration and license plate stickers. Apply the license plate stickers to your license plates and install your license plates on your vehicle. If you only receive 1 license plate, install it on the back of your car. Keep the registration in your vehicle. Safe driving!

Why am I being charged the fees and taxes, and what if they’re wrong?

We do not mark up DMV fees or state taxes and use a national service to calculate them as precisely as possible.  If we charge too much, we refund the difference.

Why was I notified to complete a vehicle inspection and upload the inspection report?

Your state requires that your vehicle be inspected for emissions, safety and/or to ensure the VIN# is correct. For Caramel to register and title your vehicle, the vehicle must “pass” this inspection. The report is needed to send to the DMV as proof of completion and passing your state's protocol.

Why am I being asked to complete a vehicle emissions test and/or a VIN verification in order to complete my registration?

Certain states require that a vehicle being registered for the first time in their state or a vehicle that has changed ownership complete these inspections. Not until these are completed and passed can your vehicle then be registered.

I bought a classic/vintage vehicle and selected ‘Yes’ to my usage qualifying for classic/vintage registration. Will my registration be different?

Yes, as long as your car qualifies, which we check for you.  In this case, please note that depending upon your state, you may have limited usage of your classic/vintage vehicle. In most cases, the vehicle can only be operated as a collector’s item, including participation in club activities, exhibitions, tours, parades, and can not be used for general transportation purposes.

Why is Caramel asking me to sign more registration paperwork?

Your state requires additional forms in order to register your vehicle.  Please complete and email or chat the form to us as soon as possible to avoid added delays in completing your registration.

Will Caramel register my vehicle in a different state than my residency?

Unfortunately, states require you to have a residency where you register your car.

I lost my registration, will Caramel send me a new one?

We’re sorry to hear this. In most cases, you as the registered owner can apply for replacement registration and/or license plates through your state DMV’s online portal for a fee.

Why did I receive my title and registration package asking me to complete?

In cases where we’re unsuccessful at obtaining the necessary documents or requirements from you required to title and register your vehicle, we’ll send you your title package in order for you to complete your title transfer and register your vehicle at your local DMV office. You’ll need to go to your local DMV and submit the package for processing.

Pick Up
Should I give my title to the buyer or transport company?

No. Under no circumstances should you hand over your title, and we recommend you do not bring your title.  Caramel will provide you a prepaid label to send us the title so we can properly transfer the title and register your buyer.

What do I need with me or in my car when I deliver it?

Please remember to remove all of your personal belongings from the car but leave any manuals, keys and equipment you received with it or otherwise communicated would be included.  Always include charging cables with electric cars.   Under no circumstance should you deliver your vehicle title to your driver or buyer.  If you have your title, you’ll send it directly to Caramel using the prepaid label we send you.

What do I need to make sure happens when the car is picked up?

If you hand the vehicle directly to your seller, just make sure to include the items you received with the car.  If your car is picked up by a transport company, they should always complete an inspection and ask you to sign a bill of lading, which records any damage prior to pick-up.

How do I reschedule?

If your buyer is picking up the car, please contact them directly.  If your car is being delivered to your buyer, please contact our shipping partner at: support@runbuggy.com or 1-888-872-8449.