It can be tough to sell a car, but Bring a Trailer (BaT) makes it easy. This platform allows you to list your car for sale and have it seen by thousands of potential buyers.

Whether you're looking to offload an old family vehicle, make some extra cash, or upgrade to a newer model, BaT can help you sell your car quickly and easily. The online auction model provides a convenient and trustworthy way to sell cars and makes the whole process hassle-free.

As a community, BaT has a proven track record of success. Thousands of cars have been successfully sold on the platform, resulting in extremely satisfied buyers and sellers. With the help of BaT's professional staff, you can be sure that your vehicle listing is accurate and maximize its visibility.

However, understanding what goes into selling a car on BaT is essential. Before submitting your vehicle information, be sure to explore the platform and its features. This guide is an overview of the Bring a Trailer website and what happens throughout the sale process.

An Overview of Bring a Trailer

Bring a Trailer is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell classic, enthusiast, and collectible vehicles. The website offers auctions for cars of all makes, models, and years. BaT also provides the opportunity to advertise other vehicles like go-karts, RVs, and race cars. You can also find parts, wheels, and accessories on the site.

Bring a Trailer classic cars are verified by experts and come with a detailed description, verified mileage, photos, and more. This level of detail is invaluable to buyers because it helps them make informed decisions.

Listings on BaT are objective and comprehensive, with detailed photos to ensure buyers have all the information they need. In addition, BaT provides each seller with an auction specialist as a point of contact for any questions. Plus, sniping protection prevents buyers from outbidding at the last minute.

How the Online Auction Process Works

Ready to list your car for sale on BaT? You have three levels of service to choose from.

Classic is the basic level, a seven-day-long auction with custom-written descriptions. Switch up the package to Plus, and you'll get professional photos and a detailed photo gallery. And if you want to pull out all the stops, select contact BaT for White Glove service with an extra bonus — a personal concierge who will manage your listing and help you get the highest bid.

No matter which package you select, each listing includes a deposit fee. Your vehicle listing is live on the site for seven days, and users can place bids during that time. The auction ends when no one has outbid the current leader or once seven days have passed since you first listed your car.

BaT will take a commission from your final sale price if your car sells. This fee is 5% of the total cost or $5,000, whichever is less. A minimum $250 commission is required, regardless of the sale price.

Selling on Bring a Trailer can be a rewarding experience for both buyers and sellers. Not only will you get top dollar for your vehicle, but the Bring a Trailer auction process is simple. The following steps will walk you through how to sell on Bring a Trailer from start to finish.

Submitting Your Vehicle Information

Once you have chosen the service level, you can submit information about your vehicle. BaT will ask some questions that help the team evaluate your car. They also require detailed photos of your vehicle, both inside and out.

After you send all the information, the BaT team must accept the submission before they'll list it for sale. The BaT auction specialist will contact you if they have any questions or need more information about your car.

Paying the Listing Fee

If BaT accepts your vehicle, you'll pay the listing fee before the auction can begin. The Classic option costs $99, and the Plus package is $250. White Glove service is available upon request, and the cost will depend on your needs.

The listing fee is nonrefundable, so make sure you're comfortable with selling your car before submitting payment. Provide accurate information and submit clear photos to ensure BaT accepts your listing.

Getting a Custom-Written Listing

Once you've paid the fee, an auction specialist will write a custom-written listing of your vehicle. This listing includes detailed information about the car's condition and history, mileage, and transmission type. BaT will also include a photo guide and maintenance records.

Listings are honest and objective descriptions of your cars, which will help buyers make an informed decision about their purchase. If you have any specific requests for the listing, such as additional information or photos, let your auction specialist know.

The 7-Day Auction

After the auction listing process is complete, Bring a Trailer will schedule it for a seven-day auction period. During this time, potential buyers can ask questions about your car in the comment thread and receive answers from the BaT community.

They can also use the Contact Seller button to set up a viewing or test drive. Sellers also have the ability to lower their reserve during the auction if there is not enough interest in the car initially. This often attracts more bidders and ensures the vehicle will sell. BaT verifies bids by credit card so the seller can be sure the buyer is serious.

At the end of the auction period, Bring a Trailer's snipe protection kicks in to ensure the bidding remains fair and honest. This extends the duration of the auction by two minutes each time someone places an offer, so everyone has a chance to put in their maximum bid.

When the Highest Bidder Wins

When the auction ends with a successful bid, BaT provides both parties with each other's contact information. The buyer and seller are responsible for working out payment and delivery details.

Buyers are usually responsible for the fees and costs associated with vehicle ownership, including shipping and registration. BaT provides assistance and answers to any questions during the process.

Tips for Selling a Car on Bring a Trailer

BaT doesn't accept every vehicle submitted, so you'll want to maximize your chances of getting a successful listing. Here are some tips for selling your car on Bring a Trailer:

Submit Quality Photos of Every Angle, Feature, and Flaw

It's important to provide clear photos of your car from all angles and in different lighting. BaT also recommends taking pictures of any flaws or damage so potential buyers are not surprised by them later.

Make your car stand out by highlighting its unique features and specifications. Including a photo of the car's interior and any modifications made is also helpful.

The vehicle submission process is thorough, and the team at Bring a Trailer focuses on bringing the best cars to their site. You can help by providing them with high-resolution photos that accurately represent your car.

Gather All of the Maintenance Records and Vehicle History

BaT will request maintenance records and the vehicle history if it accepts your listing. Having these documents on hand will help speed up the process and ensure your listing has all the necessary information.

Comprehensive records include the following:

  • Service and repair records
  • Maintenance logs
  • Vehicle inspection reports
  • Registration history
  • Title documents

Be sure to gather all of these records so you're ready to submit once BaT approves your listing. Preparation and organization will help ensure the listing process is smooth and successful.

What Happens When the Reserve Price Isn't Met?

Not every auction ends with a successful bid. However, you still have options if the auction reserve isn't met at the end of the listing period. BaT will provide the contact information of the high bidder to allow you to work out a deal directly with them.

Bring a Trailer won't typically relist vehicles that don't sell, but you can try to submit your car again if you make significant changes. This may include making significant repairs or modifications to the vehicle or providing additional information or photos. It's important to note that vehicles sell best when freshly listed, so making a good impression on your first try is best.

Close Out Your Private Party Transaction

Once you have a buyer, the final step is closing the sale. Because BaT requires buyers and sellers to arrange payment and delivery terms directly, it's vital to get the necessary paperwork in order. Documentation can be complex, but it's essential to protect all parties involved in auction sales.

A safe transaction is also imperative, so arranging payment through a secure source is advisable. While third-party services can protect both buyers and sellers, not all services are equal. Research and compare services to find the best option for you. Look for a service that offers secure payments and fraud prevention measures to protect you and your buyer.

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